• From the onset of the text the life that Alec leads and the society around him is portrayed negatively.


  • Alec is isolated and alone at the beginning of the text and the pressures of society do not only try to prevent his happiness but also lead to his destruction.


  • Alicia and Major represent the negative society Alec lives in.


  • Alicia tries on numerous occasions to put a stop to Alec and Jerry’s relationship as they both come from different classes: forbids Alec from seeing Jerry, takes him to Europe, calls Jerry a criminal and sends Alec to war. Alicia as a representation of society is further enhanced when Fredrick for the one and only time agrees Alec should not see Jerry.


  • Major Glendinning is a further representation of society as when Alicia is no longer around he replaces her in disapproving of the relationship essentially causing Alec’s actions at the end of the text.


We end on a negative view given to us by Jennifer Johnston as the characters that represent change die and those resisting it continue to live. The fact Alicia and Glendinning continue shows society continuing to be repressive

One thought on “Pessimism

  1. This has been do much help. Ive got a test at 9.30 iys now just gone eighy and I know alot more then I did and feel a lot more confident. I left the book in my relations ovet thr Christmas. I still haven’t got it back. Tjankd s mill.

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