Irish/English relations

The question on the portrayal of English people is a difficult one as the text
itself deals with social realism. At the time the text is set tensions
historically between the Irish and English were high. Alicia, Fredrick (when he
agrees with the class divide) and Glendinning are clear examples of the negative
Anglo-Irish portrayal. However Jerry and his political beliefs are also seen as
a negative. Alicia classes Jerry’s actions as criminal and while we do not see
him involved in criminal activity what is being implied is true criminal
activity. Even Jerry’s referral to my lot and your lot shows that the divide was
something that was accepted by Irish and English. I believe the text gives us an
objective view and is historically accurate. Both sides hated each other and the
relationship in the text shows this. I do not think there is any intention to
show the English as hating the Irish but in war they suffered from the Irish
changing sides and from news of fighting in Ireland. The sentiment is then
portrayed in the text.
For Alec while he narrates it should be subjective but
in relation to political events I believe his portrayal is objective giving a
rounded picture of political tension with both sides suffering for their

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