Fredrick & Alec

This relationship is complicated as Fredrick does not have much interaction with Alec or influence in his up bringing.

  •  While Fredrick shows that he has an interest in Alec’s development when he wishes him to go to school by backing down from Alicia he fails as a father. Pg7 and 8
  • While Alec does begin working with his father when he returns from Europe we are given no clear evidence that this has brought them closer.
  • When Fredrick tries to have some influence on Alec’s life it is to agree with Alicia that Alec should not be friends with Jerry. Fredrick’s influence here is negative. Pg29
  • Fredrick shows anger when Alicia wants to force Alec to go to war and tries to stand up to her. He fails in this again. His advice to Alec is that he hopes Alec never has to feel the humiliation that he feels. This is hope rather than advice and again not very helpful.
  • When Alec is going to war Fredrick gives him  money and a watch as a sign of affection. This is his only real sign of affection in the text. This is the end of their relationship other than a letter received during the war.

While Alec and Fredrick do not have much of a relationship in the text, it is Fredrick’s behavioural pattern that may explain Alec’s behaviour. Fredrick is emotionally restricted as can be seen from his interaction with his wife and son. Living in this environment Alec has never learned how to express his feelings and therefore it can go a long way to explain why Alec expresses his feelings towards Jerry the way he does. Alec searches for a healthy relationship where at home he could not find one. Unable to express his feelings with his father leaves Alec struggling to express himself with the other officers in the rest of the text.

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