Jerry & Alicia

While the two characters have very little interaction, Alicia has a very strong dislike for Jerry. Jerry’s social status means that for Alicia he is not a suitable friend for Alec.

  • Having found out about Alec and Jerry’s friendship, Alicia takes Alec for a walk and forbids him to see Jerry anymore. Pg 24
  • To put distance between Alec and Jerry, Alicia takes Alec to Europe. The idea here is that by keeping them apart for a prolonged period of time Alec will be able to move on from Jerry.
  • On his return from Europe Alec meets Jerry at the point to point racing. To further discredit Jerry, Alicia suggests to Alec that Jerry is a criminal. Pg 34. Alicia hopes that this will disgust Alec and keep him away from Jerry.
  • Alicia’s final attempt to keep Alec and Jerry apart is to send Alec off to war. For Alicia this would mean that Alec would become an officer because of his social status and mix with men from his own social background. While she does not know that Jerry plans to go to war it is irrelevant to her as Jerry’s social class are seperated from Alec’s.

There is very little to their interaction and knowledge of each other. Alicia dislikes Jerry as a result of his social status alone. Jerry’s only real opinon of Alicia is when he compares her to Helen of Troy in page 54. This is his understanding that her beauty either is her danger or hides her danger.

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