Alicia & Fredrick

Fredrick and Alicia

  • There is no love within this marriage.
  • Alicia clearly states that she will not let Alec go to public school as she will not remain in the house with Fredrick on her own.
  • Alec remarks on how Fredrick never won an argument and always seemed defeated.
  • Alicia tells Alec how she tried once to have a relationship with Fredrick but it did not last.
  • Alicia wants Alec to go to war and we get the idea it is because he is becoming close to his father and Alicia wants to hurt Fredrick by sending Alec away.
  • Alicia tells Alec that Fredrick is useless and even that Fredrick is not his real father. This shows a total lack of respect.

Meal times are described as formal and there is no emotional connection at all.

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