My intention with this blog is to try and help people who are studying this text. While I have notes up I am not sure which way people who find this site helpful would like me to go. If you have any particular area you would like me to discuss then please do not hesitate to leave a message for me outlining what you would like me to look at and I will see what I can do

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  1. Hi, I find your blog really useful, thank for all your help πŸ™‚ I want to ask a question, How does the narrator,Alec, portray English people in the text?
    Thanks in advance !

    • The question on the portrayal of English people is a difficult one as the text itself deals with social realism. At the time the text is set tensions historically between the Irish and English were high. Alicia, Fredrick (when he agrees with the class divide) and Glendinning are clear examples of the negative Anglo-Irish portrayal. However Jerry and his political beliefs are also seen as a negative. Alicia classes Jerry’s actions as criminal and while we do not see him involved in criminal activity what is being implied is true criminal activity. Even Jerry’s referral to my lot and your lot shows that the divide was something that was accepted by Irish and English. I believe the text gives us an objective view and is historically accurate. Both sides hated each other and the relationship in the text shows this. I do not think there is any intention to show the English as hating the Irish but in war they suffered from the Irish changing sides and from news of fighting in Ireland. The sentiment is then portrayed in the text.
      For Alec while he narrates it should be subjective but in relation to political events I believe his portrayal is objective giving a rounded picture of political tension with both sides suffering for their activity.

      Hope that answers your question. If not mail again and I will see what I can do

  2. your notes are so helpful πŸ™‚ really helped me learning the book and essays but could you help me with the consequences of war in this book cause i cant really think of many points …
    thank you for making this site πŸ™‚

    • The consequences of war is a difficult enough one as we only get one experience of Alec and Glendinning going over the trenches. What we can gather is:

      The poor conditions of the trenches, the seperation of class between officer and private regardless of ability, Bennett’s remark that they are dogs waiting to be whipped on pg 86, the poor condition of Alec’s feet would suggest the private’s would be worse, Glendinnings refusal to let Alec know if the soldiers are goin over the trenches to their possible deaths pg 115, Glendinnings lack of remorse for killing a wounded soilder pg 118, all of these issues look at the devaluation of human life.

      The suffering and well being of the soldiers, physical and mental, is a non-issue.

      If that does not make sense to you mail me again.

  3. is there one of these pages for the grass is singing by any chance? thanks alot for the notes by the way great help

  4. Hi, can you please give me some here, I have to answer on Literary genre foe HMMTB.
    The question is :”No two texts are exactly the same in the way they tell their story” compare any two of the texts that you have studied for your comparative course in light to the above sentence. give reference to both texts.
    I only need help in talking about HMMTB. I’m really stuck and the question is due on Tuesday. I would be very grateful if you could help me.
    The points that i mainly want to talk about are:
    -How is story told realistically?
    -How does the first person narrative style add to the way that the story is told?
    -How does the flashback technique add to the story?
    I feel as if i need more points so if you could give me some more ideas that would be great! Its my first time so im a bit lost. 😦
    If you could even just give me some good points that would be a,azing! I can elaborate on them myself.
    Your website is brilliant by the way.

    • The first thing is the first person style. This adds greatly to the story as this text is very subjective. At no point are we given an opportunity to make up our own minds about the characters. As this is from Alec’s point of view he projects his feelings for other characters in the text onto us as readers. Johnston is very clever here with that technique. Alec points out that at one point he nearly felt love for his mother and while as a reader we stop to think on his his projection of hatred is too strong for us to form another opinion. This applies to everything in the text so the style is perfect in guiding our emotions.

      The flashback does add to the story because the beginning peaks our interest. A man facing death with no real sense of emotion coming from him, we want to know why. This then allows for key moments in his life to be discussed explain his emotional restriction and general development.

      I am not sure by what you mean with is the story told realistically. I would say yes in the sense that we see a clear emotional struggle in a male character something that is very true with men at that time and even now. It is very subjective showing us again the reality of life. Life is subjective as we see it and understand it through our own eyes and Alec does this and our views are formed by him. We do not get our own opinion because it is not our life

      Hope that helps

  5. Would it be possible to write a bit on Hero/Vilene. Like “Alec/Alicia ss I know a few people who have been asked to do a piece on this mode/ Theme, sorry I’m not sure what iy would come under.

    • Hero villain is the ordinary level section. For HMMB you have to decide if Alec is a hero or not.

      Alec stays friends with Jerry regardless of his mothers wishes. Defying societal norms in favour of equality or friendship regardless of class is heroic. Any key moment where that happens shows heroism

      However you can also look at going to war to escape his mother rather than standing up to her is a cowardly act

      Alicia’s actions in her treatment of Alec and Fredrick is villainous and you find the key moments of that in the relationship section of the blog.

      Again Alec staying friends and actually standing up to Glendinning is heroic.

      Alec’s ending of Jerry’s suffering and saving him from the firing squad is also heroic

      Everything Glendinning does can be considered villainous.

      Major and Alicia resort to horrific emotional and physical abuse of Alec to try and keep class divisions. Villains

      Alec fighting this is heroic.

      Arguably Alec killing Jerry becomes heroic as In his last stand he robs Major and Alicia of their goals. Alicia’s family will lose status rather than gain it because of his actions. The Major is also robbed of his chance to torture Alec

  6. I find your website really useful and it’s coming in handy learning notes and essays I was just wondering would you be able to help me with a question; the question is ” outline the general vision and view point from jerrys point of view

    • Jerry’s vision and viewpoint depends on the question asked.

      It is pessimistic and mirrors that of Alec’s. His mother sends him to war for money disregarding his safety. Glendinning refuses his request to help with the horses reminding him of his place in society and how he will not get out of it. His arrest also.

      Optimistic he goes to war to learn to fight so he can bring his knowledge back to Ireland. Unlike Alec, Jerry sees a cause to fight for in the future. He wins the horse race showing those in the society he has ability regardless of their opinion. When he dies he has the vision of working with Alec in the future. While the ending is negative Alec dies with positive thoughts in his head.

      Pessimistic is the easier option

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