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  1. Hi David. Would you have any notes in relation to horrors of war, living conditions, physical and psychological effects ? Your other notes are fantastic by the way!

    • Conditions and horrors are plenty and depending on context can be treated the same.

      Alec and Bennett in their room as they change socks and describe the horrible conditions of their feet. If they are officers it leads us to believe that privates like Jerry are in far worse shape. Bennett’s fever enhances this. Arguably by not showing us exactly what the conditions are we are left with our minds to wonder and this could be considered clever on Johnston’s part as the mind can imagine many horrors.

      Horrors are compounded when the Major takes Alec out to the field in the cover of darkness. Glendinning has to kill a soldier. Horror is emphasized as we consider how long that man had been lying there dying in the first place. Other horrors are the devaluation of human life when rescue was not even considered. Where is the dignity when the body is then left on the field to rot with countless others.

      The shooting of the swans while violent and pointless is more a psychological issue as the concept of pointless violence has become an ordinary or common thing. Same can be said for Glendinning’s appointment of Alec as head of Jerry’s firing squad.

      Conditions of the horses that Jerry wishes to look after when he asks the Major are another horror issue

      Glendinning’s general treatment of Alec is while physical at one point it is more of a mental torture.

      Hope that helps. Just mail if any issues with that

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